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SHMS plastic scintillators

  • Operating voltages - Document contains tables with desired high voltage settings for SHMS plastic scintillators
  • Front-end electronics - Simple diagram showing how the SHMS hodoscope signals are processed to form a trigger

SHMS quartz plane

  • Operating voltages - Document contains tables with current voltages for the SHMS quartz as well as the detector configuration


SHMS plastic scintillators

  • Detector checks - work in progress (analysis package for commissioning of SHMS plastic scintillator)

SHMS quartz plane

Detector updates/upgrades - SHMS quartz plane

Detector Modifications

  • The XP2020Q and ET9814QB PMTs will be replaced by ET9814WB PMTs (going from quartz window to UV glass)

Detector Tests

  • S. Malace is putting together a test setup in Hall C to test the quartz bars once they are fitted with new PMTs

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