September 30, 2022

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General Update:

Problems resolved:

  • HMS Q1, Q2 interlocks twice while ramping up to the MOL. Was able to set the magnets up by increasing the current in increments.
  • Problem with the HMS rotation to 19.52 deg. Engineer on call came in to reset the drive controller. Worked at the second attempt.
  • HMS Q3 and Dipole interlocks during the early owl shift - reset worked.
  • Due to the older hcana version on our go_analysis, we were not seeing any events on the fast raster plots. Casey switched to the newer firmware version - problem is fixed.

Mark also confirmed that with the new FADC firmware, we need to use the latest HCANA.

Things need to be fixed:

  • Prescale GUI problem
  • Ezekiel Wertz came to notify us that one of the two ethane bottles in the gas shed is empty. It needs to be replayed at some time soon.