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Joint Hall C Collaboration Meeting Winter 2024


  • The SHMS-HMS Users Group bylaws (updated in Aug 2023) are available here.
  • Word version of by-laws is available on the hall DocDB for any future edits.

General Information

The Hall C User community is a relatively open organization including a number of experimental collaborations. The Hall C User Group facilitates communication and collaboration within the community, and also provides a forum for discussion for advancement of Hall C science and technology. The Hall C User community is represented and receives guidance from an elected Steering Committee Board.

Archive of historical newsletters.

Hall C email lists

Hall C This is the general email list for any Hall C related information.

Hall C running. This is the general email list for information on any running Hall C experiments.

Hall C Analysis Software

Hall C Working Groups

There are presently three Hall C Working Groups (WGs) - all formed in November/December 2022. These WGs oversee a specific project or to give advice on a specific theme of relevance to Hall C. Any member of the JLab community may participate in these WGs. To join contact the WG conveners and/or join the Hall C or WG specific mailing lists. Please see the links below for further details on meeting calendars, past meeting archives, etc. For more information on Hall C WGs in general please see the bylaws.

Quarter Analysis meetings by Spectrometer Performance and Future Upgrades

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Hall C

Future Science

Information on inactive Working Groups SHMS Detector Working Groups (pre-2017)

User Board

The SHMS-HMS User Group was formally started at the 2009 Hall C summer workshop when the initial user board was appointed by the Hall C leader. Members were appointed with staggered terms. As the terms of the initial board expire, elections are held by the user group to replace board members according to the Bylaws.

Current Board 2023—2024

Board Member Email Institution Term expires Note
Bill Henry JLab 9/1/2024
Pete Markowitz FIU 9/1/2024
Stephen Kay U of York 9/1/2025 Secretary
Marie Boer VT 9/1/2025
Dipangkar Dutta MSU 9/1/2026
Ioana Niculescu JMU 9/1/2026 Chair

Past Boards

Hall C UGB Past Boards

SHMS-HMS Detector Contacts

Listed below are contacts for the SHMS-HMS detectors for questions on each system.



Detector System

Mark Jones


Hall A/C detector systems overall

Donal Day

University of Virginia

SHMS Noble Gas Cerenkov

Dipangkar Dutta

Mississippi State University


Tanja Horn

Catholic University of America

Aerogel Cerenkovs

Garth Huber

University of Regina

SHMS Heavy Gas Cerenkov

Hamlet Mkrtchyan

AANL (Yerevan)


Eric Christy

Liguang Tang

Jefferson Lab

Drift Chambers

Ioana Niculescu

James Madison University

Scintillator Hodoscopes

Simona Malace


Quartz Hodoscope

Bob Michaels