Beam Time Accounting EPICS Calculations

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The Beam Time Accounting form has an option "Load from EPICS" that is supposed to populate the BTA form with trial values of beam and hall availability. (Which the shift leader can then update/correct based on other factors.) The trial values depend on formulas in EPICS CALC records. The hall determines these formulas.

First try running go_bta_config under the cdaq account and make sure the settings are correct.

If the above helper GUI doesn't solve the issue, then the underlying formulas may have been deleted. To restore the formulas, run "jmenu", search on "bta" and select "Hall C BTA". Then fill in the fields to match this figure. BTAConfig.png

Alternatively, the following commands can be run from hccuser@hlal01. These commands are in the script in the hccuser account on hlal01.

caput HLC:bta_bm_present.CALC "A>B"
caput HLC:bta_bm_present.INPA "ibcm1 CA NMS"
caput HLC:bta_bm_present.INPB "HC:beamok_limit CA NMS"

caput HLC:bta_daq_used.CALC "A=1"
caput HLC:bta_daq_used.INPA "HC:exp_ready CA NMS"

caput HLC:bta_experiment_ready.CALC "A=1"
caput HLC:bta_experiment_ready.INPA "HC:exp_ready CA NMS"

caput HLC:bta_config_change.CALC "A=2"
caput HLC:bta_config_change.INPA "HC:exp_ready CA NMS"