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Working on the farm

CSV software can be found in /group/c-csv/local and is setup to use environment-modules (modulefiles).

modules files

If module avail doesn't work then you must add source /etc/profile.d/modules.sh to your .bashrc. group disk: /group/c-csv

Running module avail should produce something like following.

--------------------------------------- /group/c-csv/local/etc/modulefiles ----------------------------------------
cmake/3.10.3                epics/latest                hcana/1.0                   root/6.14.04
cmake/3.12.2                experimental/imgui_dm/0.0.1 hcana/latest                root/6.15.0x
cmake/latest                gcc/8.1.0                   llvm/6.0.1                  root/dev
csv/1.0                     gcc/8.2.0                   llvm/latest                 root/latest
csv/latest                  gcc/latest                  ncurses/6.1                 tmux/2.7
curl/7.61.1                 git/2.18.0                  ncurses/latest              tmux/latest
curl/latest                 git/latest                  python/2.7.15
eigen3/3.3.5                hallc_tools/0.1             python/3.7.1
epics/base_7.0.1            hallc_tools/latest          root/6.14.0

Run the following to setup your environment

source /group/c-csv/local/setup.sh
module load csv/latest