Coincidence Experiment Monitoring Requests

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  • Definitions of Cuts
hmscleantrack =   hsnum_fptrack != 0
shmscleantrack =  ssnum_fptrack != 0
ccleantrack = hmscleantrack && shmscleantrack
goodctime = loose cut around the cointime peak (3 beam buckets) 
coincut =  ccleantrack && goodctime
tight_coin = ccleantrack && tight cut around cointime peak (1 beam bucket)
ran_coincut = ccleantrack && cut on 4 beam buckets away from the coincidence peak
coincut_ep =  ccleantrack && select_e_cut && sbetacut_p  
select_e_cut = cut on HMS shower and HMS_cerenkov to select electrons
sbetacut_p = select protons from SHMS beta spectrum
  • List Histograms to be Monitored & Which Cuts Will be Applied
Name of Histogram to be Monitored Description Cut to be Applied to Data
HMS beta vs. SHMS cointime ccleantrack
HMS beta vs. HMS cointime cleantrack
SHMS beta vs. SHMS cointime ccleantrack
SHMS beta vs. HMS cointime ccleantrack
SHMS cointime ccleantrack
SHMS cointime coincut
SHMS cointime coincut_ep
HMS cointime ccleantrack
HMS cointime coincut
HMS cointime coincut_ep
HMS pathcorr hcleantrack
SHMS pathcorr scleantrack
cpathcor = SHMS-HMS path corr (ns) cointrig
HMS ztgt vs SHMS ztgt coincut
HMS ytgt vs SHMS ytgt coincut
h_hms trig htrig
h_shms trig cointrig
s_shms trig strig
s_hms trig cointrig
h_coin trig cointrig
s_coin trig cointrig
h_rftime htrig
s_rftime strig
Missingmass ccleantrack
Missingmass_w/cu coincut
Missingmass_w/PID coincut_ep
Missingmass_w/tightcuts tight_coin && select_e_cut && setabetacut_p
Missingmass _w/Random cut ran_coincut &&select_e_cut && sbetacut_p
Missing momentum ccleantrack
Missing momentum_w/cut coincut
Missing momentum_w/PID coincut_ep
Missing momentum_(x, y, z) coincut_ep
Missing momentum_par coincut_ep
Missing momentum_perp coincut_ep
Missing momentum_oop coincut_ep
Missing energy ccleantrack
Missing energy coincut
Missing energy_w/PID coincut_ep
Q^2 ccleantrack
W2 (inv. mass) ccleantrack