Compiling hcana with cmake

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Suggest by Ole Hansen for using modules for root and Podd then cmake to compile hcana

module use /group/halla/modulefiles

module load root

Then build hcana.

Better yet: use the pre-built Podd (official version 1.7.0). To do so, instead of, or in addition to, loading the 'root' module, do

module load analyzer

You should then configure hcana with cmake, adding the flag -DHCANA_BUILTIN_PODD=OFF. For example something along these lines (untested):

git clone

cmake -B hcana-build -S hcana -DHCANA_BUILTIN_PODD=OFF -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/apps/hcana

cmake --build hcana-build -- -j4

cmake --install hcana-build