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Expert Information

This page tries to capture/consolidate some low-level details in the Hall C Counting House configuration. In general every directory/system will contain one or more README files describing the relevant software/philosophy etc. The majority of the configuration files/code are also stored in git repos with remotes on the host.

Historically most of these items have been managed by Brad Sawatzky [1] and Stephen Wood [2]. Feel free to contact them with questions.

Detector/DAQ 'pre-beam' Checklist

This is a copy of the Detector/DAQ 'pre-beam' Checklist that is generally completed prior to beam delivery into the Hall (after a SAD or an extended down). It is intended to ensure that basic operational things like crate fans, crates, HVs, gas configuration, etc are confirmed and logged. This is typically requested by the Hall Work Coordinator (ie. Walter Kellner) and gets logged to the HCLOG. An example can be found here HCLog 3968308.

Print out two copies. One for HMS, one for SHMS: File:Detector readiness checklist.pdf, (File:Detector readiness checklist.ods)

Spare Hardware Locations

  • CAMAC, NIM: Hall C Counting House cabinets (in electronics room by door to the outside)
  • VME: Counting House, 2nd floor, blue module cabinet in Jack Segal's area
  • HV: Counting House, 2nd floor, cabinet in "G0 cage"
  • PMTs, HV bases: EEL/126 cabinet at rear of room (labelled, standard 'A12' keyed lock)
  • Wiener Crate control units (front panel, ethernet, etc): EEL/126 cabinet

ESB / Building 23 (NE corner)

This has been my staging and test area for a number of years and contains several DAQ test beds supporting several groups. The hardware, cabling, modules in that space should generally be considered as either 'in-use' or as being staged for a near-term future experiment (ie. NPS/LAD/GEn-RP). The experiment on the floor takes priority, of course, but don't steal from future experiments without actively following up on replacing that hardware.

  • CAEN Sy45xx crates and modules (NPS)
  • Wiener VXS crates (NPS)
  • FADCs, SD, TI, boards etc (NPS)
  • Cabling (NPS, GEn-RP)