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Expert Information

This page tries to capture/consolidate some low-level details in the Hall C Counting House configuration. In general every directory/system will contain one or more README files describing the relevant software/philosophy etc. The majority of the configuration files/code are also stored in git repos with remotes on the host.

Historically most of these items have been managed by Brad Sawatzky [1] and Stephen Wood [2]. Feel free to contact them with questions.

Spare Hardware Locations

  • CAMAC, NIM: Hall C Counting House cabinets (in electronics room by door to the outside)
  • VME: Counting House, 2nd floor, blue module cabinet in Jack Segal's area
  • HV: Counting House, 2nd floor, cabinet in "G0 cage"
  • PMTs, HV bases: EEL/126 cabinet at rear of room (labelled, standard 'A12' keyed lock)
  • Wiener Crate control units (front panel, ethernet, etc): EEL/126 cabinet

ESB / Building 23 (NE corner)

This has been my staging and test area for a number of years and contains several DAQ test beds supporting several groups. The hardware, cabling, modules in that space should generally be considered as either 'in-use' or as being staged for a near-term future experiment (ie. NPS/LAD/GEn-RP). The experiment on the floor takes priority, of course, but don't steal from future experiments without actively following up on replacing that hardware.

  • CAEN Sy45xx crates and modules (NPS)
  • Wiener VXS crates (NPS)
  • FADCs, SD, TI, boards etc (NPS)
  • Cabling (NPS, GEn-RP)