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  • Simona: Looking at the 4ns time shift of hodo [1]. Need to understand what's happening but in parallel also need to check what's the impact of this to tracking.
  • Fernando: [2] Plot mean values of normalized calorimeter energy for all kinematic points. For some kinematics, runs were chained due to low statistics. Those low statistics runs have a larger rms. The runs were calibrated after combined. Suggested to check these runs separately by plotting mean and rms values w.r.t Run Number. Check chi2/ndf for the fit. Also post an example of the normalized energy distribution.
  • Deb: BCM calibration from March data and compared with the previous calibrations (Dec 17, Jan 18) [3]. Consistent with previous measurements. Post residual and check how the error bars are calculated in the % residual plot. Check the current with these offset and gain parameters and see if it's stable or not for different parameter sets.
  • Abishek: HMS DC calibration for the defocused run 1268 [4]. Fit with the "Abishek-Eric (Eric-Abishek ?)" algorithm. Results look good. Add fit parameters to the plot. Peak shift in residual distributions, perhaps due to mis-alignment. The last plot shows time distribution, Abishek applied cut of time<190, but doesn't make much difference whether including the events for time <0 or not as there are not many in that region. Working on the SHMS calibration too.
  • General: We need to go through the parameters, quantities in REPORT file and check if they are reasonable. Will make a list of to-dos and post it.
  • Abishek, Fernando: Send the calibration files to Sanghwa (or post the location somewhere) so that we can upload them to the F2 utility. We will discuss how we will organize them on Monday.