F2/XEM Mar 2, 2018 9:00am

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  • Fernando: Looked into the adc time cuts. [1]

check low momentum run and apply calibration param from the run to higher momentum run. Check pr vs sh correlation for different momenta.

  • Abishek: SHMS DC calibration result was shown. [2]

Post residual too. Send the calibration file to Abel. For HMS, still needs to shift drift time manually for some wires. Check fit quality.

  • Abel: Data vs MC comparison. Applied new calorimeter calibration from Fernando, but didn't see much of difference.

Wait for Mark to look at the SHMS optics.

  • Simona: HMS Cer calibration. [3] Hard to see single pe peak from scope trace.

Inefficiency at delta < -6 and bump around 1.5. Could be hardware issue (shifted mirror?).

PMT1 (top) covers negative delta. npe drops to around 1 at dp < -6. Perhaps FADC threshold cut into the single pe peak. We could just put a analysis cut or change (lower) FADC threshold. If we do change the threshold: check data and log run# when change was made.

  • F2/XEM git repository: forked from hallc_replay [4]
  • Run plan: Polarity change after finishing up 33 deg (probably on Sunday).
  • Special task plan: boiling study and BCM calibration.
  • Dave will discuss with Eric for setting up group disk on ifarm.