Fall 2017 Commissioning Plan

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Table of Commissioning Tasks

Task Person Comment
Harp scans and BPM checkout. Raster checkout.
Final HMS and SHMS detector checkout plans. Defocused tune?
Checkout of quartz plane S Malace
HMS and SHMS trigger efficiency with Hodo, Hodo+ Cerenkov.
HMS and SHMS DC checkout, software alignment and tracking efficiency
Beam energy
BCM Calibration D. Bhetuwal, D Mack
Target Boiling
Carbon elastic with sieve for final SHMS tune determination M Jones
Carbon elastic scan for delta matrix optimization H. Bhatt, D. Dutta
Carbon inelastics with sieve for Ytgt, Y’tgt and X’tgt ( Need 20 deg for Ytgt) M Jones
Sieve check after cycling SHMS magnets from positive to negative and back M Jones
Determine SHMS central momentum and angle with set of elastic ep data. A. Karki, S. Basnet, D. Dutta
Inelastic carbon xn measurements with overlapping momentum settings to for acceptance check.
GEM Front Sieve to better understand HB. Do optics with p+ to check optics. L. Kabir, D. Dutta
Coincidence timing checkout and optimization.
Electronic deadtime checkout.
Single Kaon production. Coincidence p and K production.

Fall 2017 Commissioning Plan

  • The plan will be base on the plan of the full SHMS/HMS commissioning.