Final Analysis Checklist

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  1. Update HCANA: check if this changes our yields. Freeze this copy of HCANA (we won’t change it going forward) —Deepak
  2. Check the effect of turning on track pruning on our yields. —Deepak
  3. Implement BCM corrections. —Deepak
  4. Update the average run currents. —John [1]
  5. Update the proton absorption factor found in the spreadsheet (maybe add a writeup for your thesis). —John
  6. Compare detector efficiencies. —Deepak
  7. Check the live time calculations are correct. —Deepak
  8. FADC pulse amplitude = 0 problem. This will require checking the inefficiency for each detector we use and for each spectrometer arm. Hem is working on this and will give us some methodology to go by.
  9. Last step before final pass, check the reference times are still good.
  • Dipangkar will send a list of the plots we will want to show in the PRL.
  • Holly checking with Carlos and Mark why the max uncertainty from the spectrometers is so high in Carlos’s talk.
  • Deepak will also e-mail to the group where the HCANA and hallc_replay are on /work so that if anyone needs to replay stuff quickly, we are all working from the same copy.