12 GeV HMS Optics Data

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HMS optics page


  • HMS is a Q1-Q2-Q3-D magnet system
  • New drift chamber were installed in HMS for 12 GeV. Need to check the
  • HMS delta matrix has not been optimized in the 12 GeV era. Still delta matrix from the 6 GeV era.
  • All HMS magnets saturate when magnet is set above 5 GeV.

HMS optics at low momentum

HMS optics at 6.6 GeV

  • Fall 2018 take series of optics and elastic runs.
  • List of runs at Kaon Run list.
  • Initial set of runs (4734-4741,4768-4773) with Optics 1 target (-10,0,10) and varied dipole and Quads to try and get ytar vs yptar
    • Online Conclusion that it was not converging.
  • Series of elastic runs with HMS angle changes to move the elastic across the focal plane. all runs at nominal magnet settings.
    • Runs 4805-4811 HMS at 18.79deg LH2, Runs 4812-13 DUmmy
    • Runs 4816-17 HMS at 17.20 deg Lh2, Runs 4814-15 Dummy
    • Runs 4821,24,25 HMS at 19.755deg LH2, Run 4822 Dummy.
    • Optic 1 target Run 4819 at 13.005deg.
    • Optic 1 target RUn 4820 at 13.005deg (modified Q1 current).
    • Single carbon Run 4818 at 13.005deg.

HMS optics at momentum greater than 5 GeV

  • Initial study of HMS saturation in Spring18
    • Looked at the yptar versus ytar correlation at HMS momentum 5.1 to 5.9 GeV
    • Fixed the Q1-Q2-Q3 to settings for the given set momentum and then varies the HMS dipole
    • Logbook entry about the measurement.