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Hall C Cameras

  • The Hall C Cameras can be brought up on any hcdesk machine using
 % go_cameras

You can also open a browser and go to

 Note that that link only works if you are on the Hall C network.


HCCAM02 is a newer camera model, so you'll note that the controls interface is a little different, but the biggest issue is that the 'live' web interface doesn't play well (reliably) under Firefox under RHEL7.

The go_cameras script has been updated to use Chrome instead. If you get to the cameras page with that script, then follow the usual steps and (read the new 'reminder' screen for hccam02) and it should work for you.

If you used a link in Firefox and want to control HCCAM02, then open a terminal and run go_cameras instead.

Rebooting Hall Cameras

The three 'Hall' Cameras (hccam01, 02, 03) are on a switchable power supply. They can be rebooted from this switch. You need to be on a Hall C computer to access this link.

https://hcreboot4.jlab.org  (User: hccuser)
  • From the top tabs: Control >> RPDU >> Outlets
  • Then select "Reboot Immediate", the camera to be rebooted, and on the next page "Apply".

Make an HCLog if you reboot a camera this way.

"Firmware Install Required" Problem

Sometimes the camera firmware is damaged enough that it will request that the firmware be reinstalled after a power-cycle.

 % gunzip Sc385_250E.img.gz
  • Follow the Firmware Update instructions the camera presents on its web page. (Select the Sc385_250E.img file to upload.)

Make an HCLog if you have to do this.

NOTE: The camera firmware defaults to a 'H.264' live stream format that the web browser can't handle. Click on the 'JPEG' button on the left sidebar to get the live image back until the default can be reset by an expert.

Firmware File Archive

Panasonic Firmware files can be found here:


Vendor link (as of Aug 2021):


Angle Camera images in CODA data file

The angle camera images are stored at the start of every CODA run. They can be extracted using the /home/coda/coda/scripts/Angle_snapshots/get_coda_photos tool.

Details on the procedure may be found here: Extract Angle Cam Image from CODA files