Hall C EDTM Pulser

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NEW (Aug 2021) remotely adjustable EDTM

Generally this will be set using the field in the Prescale GUI, but there is also a command-line helper go_edtm
  • There is a new command-line helper go_edtm to set/readback this PV. It will also be settable in the CODA prescale GUIs.
  • More details are in this log entry: EDTM pulser switched to cdaqpi1 output
    • The RPi that controls this is cdaqpi1 which runs an EPICS softIOC. Ellen B. or Brad S. should be contacted if that device has an issue.

Old manually settable pulse generator

This is archival information only.  This is no longer used.
  • If the EDTM pulse generator located in rack CH03B06 is reset for any reason, the settings must be restored to the following parameters as outlined in this logbook entry

EDTM pulser settings.jpg