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Hall C EPICS systems contain a mix of hardware and software IOCs. I believe the vxworks IOCs are all managed by MCC/OPs. The RPi-based IOCs are managed by the Spectrometer Support Group (Ellen, Jack, et al.)

There are also a number of softIOC processes running on cdaql1. Those are managed by Hall C (Steve W., Brad S., etc). See #SoftIOCs managed by Hall C.

SoftIOCs managed by Hall C

  • Soft IOCs are presently running under cvxwrks@cdaql1
    • The file layout follows what I think is an EPICS (JLab?) reccommended pattern. High-level software components (GUIs, etc) are stored under cvxwrks:EpicsHL/ and low-level components (softIOCs, etc) are stored under cvxwrks:EpicsLL/
  • The softIOCs are managed using the procServMgr tool:
cvxwrks@cdaql1 2012% procServMgr status
iocAlias4527 running on port 20000 of cdaql1 with pid 3325
iocHallATgt running on port 20001 of cdaql1 with pid 3348
iocMisc running on port 20002 of cdaql1 with pid 3371
iocAlarms running on port 20003 of cdaql1 with pid 3394
iocMagAlarms running on port 20004 of cdaql1 with pid 3417
iocCryoAlarms running on port 20005 of cdaql1 with pid 3440
iocsnmp running on port 20006 of cdaql1 with pid 3463
  • iocAlias4527 : 'mirrors' the CAEN 4527 HV PVs so we can add alarm limits, etc. These are the PVs that the Alarm Handler uses.
  • iocHallATgt : Cryo target related PVs
  • iocMisc : Supports some beam, IHWP, BTA, spectrometer Shutter notifications and alarms
  • iocAlarms : A mix magnet, gas system, BCM temp, etc PVs mirrored to add alarm limits
  • iocMagAlarms : Cryo magnet related PVs
  • iocCryoAlarms : More Cryo related PVs
  • iocsnmp : SNMP <-> EPICS layer to allow EPICS control of APC outlets and Weiner VXS crates

crontab entry under cvxwrks@cdaql1

# /home/cvxwrks/CRONTAB/crontab.cdaql1
# Add this to the crontab on the cvxwrks account on all machines
# that will run soft iocs

## Rotate softios logs
0 4 * * * /usr/sbin/logrotate -s ~/.logrotate.state ~/.logrotate-hallc_softiocs

*/5 * * * * procServMgr check >> /home/cvxwrks/EpicsLL/logs/`hostname -s`.log

#EPICS Archiver and web viewer (NOT EPICS related)
10 2 * * * /bin/rm -f /home/cvxwrks/public_html/cgi/tmp/*
## [BDS -- 24 March 2022
## Skip run keepalive.pl during hour after midnight or it gets confused and
## kills/restarts the archiver for no good reason.  Hopefully we can shut 
## this system down soon.
1,11,21,31,41,51 1-23 * * * /home/cvxwrks/Archives/keepalive.pl

Drift Chamber Threshold Controls

High Voltage Controls

  • Newer CAEN SY4527 HV crates support EPICS internally
  • Older CAEN crates controlled using CAENnet
    • vmec16.jlab.org : SHMS HV IOC (CH03B13)
    • vmec17.jlab.org : HMS HV IOC (CH03B13)

Gas System

The 'hcgas0X' hosts are managed by the Spectrometer Support Group (Ellen, Jack, et al).

  • hcgas01.jlab.org -- located in the gas system interlock box in rack 3B?? (under the main Hall C network switch in the electronics room)
  • hcgas02.jlab.org -- located in the Hall C gas shed. Provides temperature readbacks for gas system components
  • iochcgs.acc.jlab.org -- MCC/OPS managed softIOC that handles communication with the MFCs in the Hall C gas shed.
    • Also relies on nbhc1.jlab.org: 4-port portserver in the Hall C gas shed for serial communication with the MFCs