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Previous talks

  • KLL measurement following C-GEn experiment (Oct 14, 2021) - Arun Tadepalli [link]
  • Final State Interactions in QCD and Other Explorations (Aug 12, 2021) - Dipangkar Dutta [link]
  • Overview of a Brooks-style approach to a broadband mixed e+ and e- beam: what measurements it can do, and what it cannot do (Jul 15th, 2021) - Dave Mack [link]
  • Possibilities for Hypernuclear Physics in Hall C (July 1st, 2021) - Toshiyuki Gogami [link]
  • Solid Polarized Targets for the Jlab 12 GeV Era (June 17th, 2021) - Karl Slifer, Elena Long [link]
  • Proton strangeness from elastic electron scattering (Jun 3rd, 2021) - Bogdan Wojtsekhowski [link]
  • 20 24 GeV FFA CEBAF Energy Upgrade (May 20th, 2021) - Alex Bogacz [link]
  • Future Studies of Nuclei in Hall C [focusing on nuclear aspects] (May 6th, 2021) - Or Hen [link]
  • A Triple Coincidence Experiment: u-channel DVCS at Hall C (Apr 22nd, 2021) - Garth Huber, Bill Li, Justin Stevens [link]
  • Opportunities with High Intensity Photons and Polarized Target (Apr 8th, 2021) - Tanja Horn [link]
  • A high luminosity spectrometer based on a compact, high-field Solenoid for DVCS, DVMP, TDIS and more (Mar 25th, 2021)- Nilanga Liyanage [link]
  • Positron Beams at Jefferson Lab - Status Report (Mar 11th, 2021) - Joe Grames [link]
  • Positron Machine, Future Prospects (Mar 11th, 2021) - Yves Roblin [link]
  • Electro-weak (e+-, e’) Measurements with Unpolarized Target (Feb 25th, 2021) - Dave Mack [link]
  • Hall C Future Experiments - Cynthia Keppel [link]

Conference Presentations

  • Tanja Horn's presentation at Hall A/C meeting, 9th July 2021 [link]
  • Cynthia Keppel's presentation at UBOD meeting, 22nd Jun 2021 [link]


  • Link to Hall C Futures White paper link??


Join Information

Meeting URL https://bluejeans.com/100468995

Phone Dial-in +1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free) (Global Numbers)

Meeting ID: 100 468 995

Room System or bjn.vc

Meeting ID: 100 468 995



  • Eric Christy (Hampton U.)
  • Dipangkar Dutta (Mississippi State U.)
  • David Hamilton (U.Glasgow)
  • Or Hen (MIT)
  • Tanja Horn (CUA)
  • Garth Huber (U. Regina)
  • Ed Kinney (U. Colorado)
  • Nilanga Liyanage (Uva)
  • Wenliang Li (W&M)
  • Ellie Long (New Hampshire)
  • Dave Mack (JLab)
  • Carlos Munoz-Camacho (IJCLab-Orsay)
  • Brad Sawatzky (JLab)
  • Karl Slifer (New Hampshire)
  • Holly Szumila-Vance (JLab)
  • Arun Tadepalli (JLab)
  • Bogdan Wojtsekhowski (JLab)

Useful links

Hall C upgrades [link]

Useful references