Hall C HMS/SHMS shutters

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Both shutter statuses are now available in the Magnets GUI

Shutter readbacks.png

How to visually verify the HMS shutter position

Use the beam-right hall camera (HCCAM03) to inspect the indicator light on the control box outside the HMS shield house door, as highlighted below. Zooming in on that view will allow you to determine if the "open" light is illuminated.

Hms shutter1.jpeg Hms shutter2.jpeg

How to visually verify the SHMS shutter position

Go to the SHMS Bubblers camera page (HCCAM04) and 'Go' to the "2:SHUTTER" preset. If the shutter is closed, you can see the horizontal white slats as seen in the second image below.

Shms shutter1.png Shms shutter2.png