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(Individual address assignments)
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| align="LEFT" |  
| align="LEFT" |  
| align="LEFT" |     '''UP'''
| align="LEFT" |     '''Offline'''
| align="CENTER" | 10
| align="CENTER" | 10
| align="LEFT" | cdaqfs
| align="LEFT" |  
| align="LEFT" | Hall C Fileserver ("6 GeV" hardware)
| align="LEFT" |  
| align="LEFT" |     '''UP'''
| align="LEFT" |     '''UP'''

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The Hall C DAQ/Controls network is The computers and devices on this subnet are in the counting house and in the Hall. The historic Gzero Network may still have devices in the Hall and in the G0 Cage, but its use is deprecated.

The Hall C network strongly encourages DHCP for all devices (including those with a fixed address). If you wish to attach a device to the network, please contact Brad Sawatzky or Stephen Wood. The network addresses below are all of the form 129.57.168.x, where x is the number in the tables below.

Network Ranges

Range Use
10 - 100 Workstations, PC's, Printers, etc.
101 - 199 Single board computers (VME, fastbus)
231 - 240 Wireless and DHCP
241 - 255 Terminal servers

Individual address assignments

Use Num Hostname Comment
    UP 1 168-Gateway Hall C Router
3 hallc-tunnel-canary
4 hallc-cr-canary
    Offline 10
    UP 11 cdaqfs1 Hall C Fileserver (new hardware for 12 GeV running)
    UP 13 poltarch.jlab.org Target computer in Hall
14 cdaqs2.jlab.org Sun
15 cdaqs1.jlab.org Sun
16 cdaqs3.jlab.org Sun
18 shmshut.jlab.org linux general purpose machine in SHMS hut
20 poltarcc.jlab.org Target computer in Counting House
21 jeffylab.jlab.org (eth0:2 on cdaql3; target EPICS archiver URL uses this name)
Counting House Desktops
    UP 31 hcdesk1.jlab.org Hall C desktop workstation
    UP 32 hcdesk2.jlab.org Hall C desktop workstation
    UP 33 hcdesk3.jlab.org Hall C desktop workstation
    UP 34 hcdesk4.jlab.org Hall C desktop workstation
    UP 35 hcdesk5.jlab.org Hall C desktop workstation
Level 1 CUE Servers
    UP 41 cdaql1 (RHEL7/x86_64)
    UP 42 cdaql2 (RHEL7/x86_64)
    UP 43 cdaql3 (RHEL5/x86_32)
    UP 44 cdaql4 (RHEL5/x86_32) SHMS / COIN CODA DAQ host
    UP 45 cdaql5 (RHEL7/x86_64) HMS / Moller CODA DAQ host
    UP 46 cdaql6 (RHEL7/x86_64)
    UP 48 cvideo1 linux box that handles video capture
    UP 49 cvideo2 linux box that handles (smaller) big screen displays
    UP 50 cvideo3 linux box that handles (bigger) big screen displays
51 chc1hp.jlab.org
53 chchp2.jlab.org
Other PCs
61 hccweb1 Hall C 'Slow controls' console computer
Reserved for ??? 71-99
    UP 71 simonadaq.jlab.org In hall? (Cerenkov test -- Mark Jones?)
    UP 72 simonaroc.jlab.org In hall? (Cerenkov test -- Mark Jones?)
    UP 93 hccaen13.jlab.org CAEN SY4527 HV Crate 13 (CH rack)
    UP 94 hccaen14.jlab.org CAEN SY4527 HV Crate 14 (G0 cage, 2nd floor CH)
PXE Boot CPU's (Read Out Controllers / ROCs) 100-109, 130--139 [boot:cdaql3:linux-diskless/pxelinux.0]
    UP 101 hcvme01.jlab.org HMS Hodos/TS crate (Counting House; CH03B04)
    UP 102 hcvme02.jlab.org SHMS Hodos/TS crate (Counting House; CH03B05)
    UP 103 hcvme03.jlab.org HMS Wire Chamber ROC (HMS detector hut, NOT PXE yet, VxWorks)
    UP 104 hcvme04.jlab.org SHMS Calorimeter ROC (SHMS detector hut)
105 hcvme05.jlab.org HMS Scaler Crate (Counting House; CH03B04, NOT PXE yet, VxWorks)
    UP 106 hcvme06.jlab.org SHMS Wire Chamber ROC (SHMS detector hut, NOT PXE yet, VxWorks)
107 hcvme07.jlab.org HMS intel SBC replacement (TESTING)
108 hcvme08.jlab.org SHMS Scaler Crate (CH; CH03B05; NOT PXE yet, VxWorks)
109 hcvme09.jlab.org Placeholder
NOTE --> DAQ ROC IPs continue at 130--139
110 vmec10.jlab.org AKA iochc10, Slow control for Moller
111 vmec11.jlab.org
112 vmec12.jlab.org
113 vmec13.jlab.org
114 vmec14.jlab.org
    UP 115 vmec15.jlab.org BCM IOC ???
    UP 116 vmec16.jlab.org SHMS HV IOC (CH03B13)
    UP 117 vmec17.jlab.org HMS HV IOC (CH03B13)
118 vmec18.jlab.org hcreboot15.jlab.org (2), hctsv7 2003
119 vmec19.jlab.org
120 vmec20.jlab.org Moller VME crate in CH electronics room (Reboot switch: hcreboot8)
    UP 121 hccam01.jlab.org Hall Camera, beam left
    UP 122 hccam02.jlab.org Hall Camera, over entrance
    UP 123 hccam04.jlab.org Hall Camera, SHMS Hut
    UP 124 hccam03.jlab.org Hall Camera, beam right
    UP 125 hccam05.jlab.org Hall Camera (not set up yet...)
    UP 126 hccam06.jlab.org Hall Camera (not set up yet...)
    UP 127 hccam07.jlab.org Hall Camera (not set up yet...)
PXE Boot CPU's (Read Out Controllers / ROCs) 100-109, 130--139 [boot:cdaql3:linux-diskless/pxelinux.0]
130 hcvme10.jlab.org Placeholder
131 hcvme11.jlab.org Placeholder
    UP 132 hcvme12.jlab.org SHMS GEM readout computer / ROC
133 hcvme13.jlab.org Placeholder
134 hcvme14.jlab.org Placeholder
Crates / Power Strips / Misc
    UP 141 hccrate01 HMS VME64x Crate (CH03B04)
    UP 142 hccrate02 SHMS VME64x Crate (CH03B05)
    UP 143 hccrate03 HMS VME64x Crate (HMS Detector Hut)
    UP 144 hccrate04 SHMS VME64x Crate (SHMS electronics hut)
145 hccrate05 HMS VME64x Scaler Crate (Counting House CH03B04) : Placeholder (no network on this crate)
    UP 146 hccrate06 SHMS VME64x Crate (SHMS Hut -- Wire chamber readout)
147 hccrate07
    UP 148 hccrate08 SHMS Scaler Crate (Counting House CH03B05)
149 hccrate09 Reserved
150 hccrate10 Reserved
    UP 151 hcscope01.jlab.org Oscilloscope
    UP 152 hcscope02.jlab.org Oscilloscope
    UP 153 hms-pi1.jlab.org RPi in HMS detector hut used for Hall Probe readout
    UP 155 hcreboot1.jlab.org APC Power Strip for SHMS GEM
    UP 156 hcreboot2.jlab.org APC Power Strip for ROC05
    UP 157 hcreboot4.jlab.org APC Power Strip by Network switch behind green wall
158 hcgas01.jlab.org RaspPi for Hall C Gas Shed
159 shmspi01.jlab.org RaspPi for SHMS Detector Hut (Calorim Temps)
Reserved for Compton 161-170
161 ccomptvme1.jlab.org Compton DAQ
162 ccomptvme2.jlab.org Compton DAQ
163 cpslow.jlab.org Compton Slow Controls PC (Windows XP, in the tunnel)
164 ccomptl1.jlab.org -- Dead Compton Workstation (Counting house)
165 ccomptl2.jlab.org -- Dead Compton Workstation (Counting house)
    UP 166 ccompt1.jlab.org Compton Rackmount Workstation (Counting house)
167 cpslow1.jlab.org (presently: Compton Slow Controls PC (Windows 7, in the tunnel)
170 ccomptvme0.jlab.org Compton DAQ Trigger Supervisor
171 opti1.jlab.org Reset
172 opti2.jlab.org Reset
    UP 173 hccaen1.jlab.org New CAEN Mainframe
174 opti3.jlab.org Reset
175 poltargpib.jlab.org
    UP 176 hcpireset1.jlab.org Reset
    UP 177 hcrpi01.jlab.org Temperature and Humidity monitor, G0 cage
    UP 179 hcups1.jlab.org Liebert GXT UPS (CH Machine Room, upper UPS)
180 hccaen2.jlab.org New CAEN Mainframe
Read Out Controllers (ROCs)
181 sfich1.jlab.org
182 sfich2.jlab.org
183 sfihms.jlab.org
184 sfisos.jlab.org
186 sfich3.jlab.org
187 sfihks.jlab.org ROC7 HKS Wire chambers
188 sfihes.jlab.org ROC11 HES Wire chambers
190 ccompt1-idrac.jlab.org iDRAC interface for ccompt1
191 cdaql1-idrac.jlab.org iDRAC interface for cdaql1
214 cmagnets.jlab.org SHMS/HMS Magnet controls GUI (VM)
217 Temp use by Josh
218 Temp use by Compton Laser jocks
219 Temp use by Compton Laser jocks
230 hallc-ap1 Access point?
232 hallcsc-1
233 hallcsc-2
234 hallcsc-3
235 hallcsc-4
236 hallcsc-5
237 hallcsc-6
238 hallcsc-7
239 hallcsc-8
232-239 DHCP range (wired or wireless)
Terminal Servers
241 hctsv1 8 V00322020 F4-14081
    UP 242 hctsv2  ??
243 hctsv3 8 V00322018 F4-14080
    UP 244 hctsv4 16 V00324528 F4-14066
    UP 245 hctsv5 16 V00324523 F4-14067
    UP 246 hctsv6
247 hctsv7
248 hctsv8 16 V03878724 F4-14816 G0 area hctsv9  ?? (Steve Wood; note the 36 subnet)
250 hctsv10
251 hctsv11
    UP 252 hctsv12

Miscellaneous address assignments

Use IP Addr Hostname Comment
Hall C Gas Shed Accelerator subnet hctsvgs 4-port Portserver nbhc1 4-port Portserver for MFC readout iochcgs Gas Shed IOC (0979 ADC, 0922 Relay board, 0943 Digital IO)
Reboot via JTabs->Control System->Individual IOCs
or search for ioc name using JTabs field in upper-right.
iossofthcgs (softIOC running on hlal01) Gas Shed IOC (Note: MFC readbacks through nbhc1)