Hall C Pedestal Runs and Determining FADC Thresholds

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This How-To discusses the necessary steps required in order to take a pedestal run utilizing the single arm DAQ's. Furthermore, the steps required in-order to determine the appropriate FADC thresholds are discussed.

Taking Pedestal Runs

  • Ensure that both single arm DAQ's are configured with the "fadcnothr" flag, which is activated via. of the pre-scale GUI, and the configuration has been saved
  • With both arms take at least 1000 cosmic or EDTM triggers and note the run numbers

Determining the FADC thresholds

  • With the pedestal runs complete, open a terminal and SSH into cdaql1
ssh cdaq@cdaql1
  • Setup the hallc-online analyzer
  • Descend into the hallc-online hcana/podd directory
cd ../hcana/podd/hana_decode/
  • Exectue the tstfadc_main.C script
  • Input the appropriate configurations: raw data file location, run number, number of events, spectrometer name, crate number
Enter the location of the raw CODA file (raw, cache, raw.copiedtotape): raw
Enter a Run Number (-1 to exit): 1537 
Enter Number of Events to Analyze (-1 = All): -1
All Events in Run 1537 Will be Analayzed
Enter the Spectrometer Name (hms or shms): shms
Enter the Crate Number to be Analyzed: 2