Hall C Raster Runs

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Raster Runs

  • Here we discuss the steps required in order to perform a raster run.


  • Take both HMS & SHMS data with the carbon hole target
  • The run does not to have ended in-order to analyze the data
  • In this example we will illustrate an SHMS raster run. An identical procedure should be done for the HMS raster
  • SSH into cdaql1 and setup the analysis environment
ssh cdaql1
  • Start hcana and analyze the data utilizing the raster replay
.x SCRIPTS/SHMS/RASTER/replay_shms_raster_simple.C (run-num, -1)
  • Execute the raster online GUI
cd onlineGUI
./online -f CONFIG/SHMS/RASTER/simple_raster.cfg -r run-num
  • If the beam is centered on target you should see the carbon hole target in the 2D plots

KPP Raster Instructions