Hall C Weekly Meeting - November 26, 2012

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Hall C Meeting Notes -- 26 Nov 2012

General Notes

  • Hall C meeting was held at 2pm this Monday to accommodate 3pm seminar
    • pretty low attendance... people need to read their emails more closely.
  • Lehman review starts Tuesday in F113
    • non-executive sessions are expected to be open
  • Hall C Winter meeting is coming up
    • will be 3rd or 4th week of January: either Th/Fr or Fr/Sat
    • some preference for Th/Fr if possible
  • JLab Physics Holiday party is on Dec 13
    • cost is $7/person, talk to Erica

Brindza reports

  • Working in progress on:
    • Moller/Compton design
    • SHMS cryo
    • SHMS S2X support stand design required some minor changes
    • SHMS noble gas Cherenkov design along with the associated vacuum placeholder
    • pressure/leak-test on spectrometer cryo transfer line is to be done soon
    • two new power supplies (for SHMS?) have been tested, they received a pass but still some work to be done on them
    • SHMS bogie alignment issues/questions being looked into
      • ie. establish procedure that will ensure final bogie assemblies pivot about the correct point within necessary tolerances
    • SHMS rail installation contract was awarded to Shoreline
    • main SHMS welding contract is out for bid now -- associated site visit coming up soon
    • SHMS yoke lamination cutting underway
    • vacuum impregnation tests on new coils in progress
      • so far, so good
  • Dave G. suggests that the magnet guys take a look at the Moller quad