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== Hall C target ==
== Hall C target ==
[https://hallcweb.jlab.org/DocDB/0008/000836/001/HallCTargetConfiguration2-6-17.pdf Hall C target configuration for Spring 17 running]
* [https://hallcweb.jlab.org/DocDB/0008/000836/001/HallCTargetConfiguration2-6-17.pdf Hall C target configuration for Spring 17 running]
* [https://hallcweb.jlab.org/DocDB/0010/001006/001/Radiator.pdf How to operate the Hall-C Bremsstrahlung Radiator for the J/&Psi-007 Experiment (Spring 2019)]
== Legacy Documentation ==
== Legacy Documentation ==

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NOTE: If you can't solve the problem in 1 hour you MUST then contact the Run Coordinator! (See also Experts on call)


  • Make HCLog entries using the logbook page, or by running 'hclog' in a terminal.
    • Please be concise, but clear. Assume you will need to search for, and understand, an entry 12 months from now (or longer).
  • Electronic Shift Checklist should be completed once per shift.
    • This 'How to' page can help you find most items (see below). You may also find the instructions here helpful.

Spectrometer Magnets

How to Rotate the HMS and SHMS

SHMS Detectors

HMS Detectors

Hall C target

Legacy Documentation