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Counting house: 6000(*), 5503, 6666 | Run coordinator: 757-270-8916 | MCC: 7047(*), 7046, 7048 | Crew chief: 7045 | Guard house: 8522

Before the start of your shift: read and understand the Safety Documentation for this experiment.

  • You must then sign in the Yellow Binder in the Hall C Counting House!

Detailed instructions for Shift Takers are available on the How-to page.
If you encounter problems, look first at those instructions for assistance.

Current Run Plans

Your Responsibilities

The tasks listed below are not set in stone, you should use your own judgement and initiative. You should assist other shift workers in their tasks as needed.

Shift Leader

NOTE: The Shift Leader is also responsible for the 3rd Person duties below.  You can ask the TO for help too.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with shift crews and MCC (7047), and log any status information to the HCLOG
  • Follow the run plan and co-ordinate switching to the next experimental configuration with other shift workers and the MCC as required.
  • Maintain and update the Shift Summary detailing the events which occur while on shift
    • This is done by starting the summary as a log entry titled "X Shift Summary" where X = Day, Swing, Owl
    • Save & edit the summary after ANY event of interest occurs, including accesses
    • This provides the readers with an up-to-date play by play of the current shift
    • See example:
  • Record the purpose for every single run in the "Run list" binders (if available).
    • Use the new configuration sheets for the first set of runs on any new setting.
    • There are extra copies on the table in the middle of the counting house, if you run out the pdfs can be found here
  • Keep track of beam time accounting
  • Consult the Run Plan and communicate with the Run Coordinator whenever problems happen that cannot be solved by shift workers.
  • Maintain data taking quality and an efficient use of beam time.

Target Operator

  • Watch the target, see Pol He-3 Target Information
  • Start and stop the DAQ. Ensure the correct PS factors are being used.
    • Consult the run plan for estimated PS factors to be used for a given setting, adjust these up or down as needed
  • Carry out 50k replays for the HMS and SHMS
    • Compare 50k replay histograms with the sample ones and report to shift leader any unexplained differences. Hclog them.
  • Assist the shift leader and third person with their duties

Third person

Instructions and How-to's for common problems