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Counting house: 5503, 6666 & 6000 | Run coordinator: 270-8916 | MCC: 7046 & 7047 & 7048 | Crew chief: 7045 | Guard house: 8522

Before the start of your shift: read and understand the Safety Documentation for this experiment.

  • You must then sign in the Yellow Binder in the Hall C Counting House!

Detailed instructions for Shift Takers are available on the How-to page. If you encounter problems, look first at those instructions for assistance.

Fall 2017 Commissioning Plans

Your Responsibilities

Shift Leader

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with shift crews and MCC (7047), and log any status information to the HCLOG
  • Maintain and update the Shift Summary detailing the events which occur while on shift
    • This is done by starting the summary as a log entry titled "X Shift Summary" where X = Day, Swing, Owl
    • Save & edit the summary after ANY event of interest occurs
    • This provides the readers with an up-to-date play by play of the current shift
    • See example:
  • Maintain data taking quality and an efficient use of beam time.
  • Log the following in a shift summary in the Hall C Logbook:
    • run list (describing the goal of this run: eg production on LH2, BCM calibration...) and report main statistic numbers
    • any major events, including accesses

Target Operator

  • Assist the shift leader and third person with their duties

Third person

  • Make certain that the Hall-C Alarm Handler process is running. See Hall_C_Alarm_Handler. Note: this is NOT the same as the detector HV system alarm.
    • If there are any alarms being ignored or silenced, find out why and enter this in the logbook.
    • Log any alarms when they occur.
  • Start and stop the DAQ. Record the purpose for every single run in the "Run list" binders. Read fixme to create more blank forms.
  • Analysis instructions are given for each experiment's wiki. As of April 3rd, for D(ee,p) use these analysis instructions
  • Compare replay histograms with the sample ones and report to shift leader any unexplained differences. Hclog them.
  • Fill shift checklist once per shift (for guidance, please see the checklist how-to).
    • A copy of the Current Checklist file, which includes help for filling it out, should be available here.

How To's: Instructions and How-to's for common problems

GMP How To's: You may find useful procedural information here since Hall A and C are similar.

2017-2018 Read-only Shift Schedule

2017-2018 Shift Signup