Instructions for monitoring and analysis of SIDIS runs during shift

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Instructions for SIDIS Experiment

1. Keep an eye on the Hall C Scaler Data GUI and make sure the rates with beam ON are steady

2. In the middle of the run, check online plots for the detectors

a. Login to cdaql1 machine and go to hallc_replay directory if you are not there already:

  > ssh cdaql1 
  > go_analysis 

b. Update the file " standard.Kinematics "

  path : 

c. At 50k events, run scripts

  for SHMS detector check: ./ <run_number>
  for HMS detector check: ./ <run_number>
  for Cointime check: ./ <run_number> <polarity>
  <polarity> = POS or NEG
  Type .q to exit ROOT

Note electron tracking efficiency for HMS and hadron tracking efficiency for SHMS from resulting report files.

3. After the full run, check the Good events and Update the run_list wiki

a. Make sure the standard.kinematics file was updated correctly in step 2 above.

b. For a quick report on the charge collected in the run Analyze the full run with :

 ./ <run_number>

c. Analyze the full run with :

 ./ <run_number>

and fill in the run-list wiki [1]. The tracking efficiencies should not have changed much from step 2c.

d. Run this script. Make sure we see a clear coincidence time peak. Record counts to run_list wiki

 ./UTIL_SIDIS/ <run_number> <polarity>
  <polarity> = POS or NEG
 Type .q to exit ROOT