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Scaler rates

Very important: keep an eye on the Hall C Scaler Data GUI and make sure the rates with beam ON are steady

Keep PS6 after prescale lower than ~3kHz. Prescale PS1 and PS4 such that prescaled rates are lower than 100 Hz.

Check the deadtime and the scaler in the 50k report file which is on:


Check if the single arm yields are stable compared to other runs from the monitoring table:

> go_analysis

> ./make_vcs_table

Hall C VCS replay directory

Login to cdaql1 machine and go to hallc_replay directory if you are not there already:

> ssh cdaql1

> go_analysis

go_analysis will bring you to the vcs2019 directory.

HMS and SHMS monitoring

To be done by the shift leader:

Run standard HMS and SHMS coincidence replay after 50000 trigger and once after the run is done. Run:

> ./

> ./

It replays the most recent run and monitoring plots will automaticaly open. It will take the number of events that have been already accumulated.

- Check all the figures and compare them to the reference. If anything seems wrong, try to fix it, ask an expert if needed and make a log entry.

To replay a previous run or replay only with a limited number of events, do:

./ <run_number> <number_of_event>

./ <run_number> <number_of_event>

Give a number of events or "-1" for a full run replay.

Run sheet

To be done by the shift leader:

Fill the run sheet for each run, including junk

Coincidence replay and physics monitoring