J/psi-007 Instructions for Analyzers

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These are the responsibilities for the special analysis shift crew. Please go to the online page if you are looking for instructions for regular shifts



ssh cdaql1       # connects to cdaql1
bash_jpsi replay # puts you in the correct directory

Blue screen (charge monitor)


To set the charge goal:

caput hcRunPlanChargeGoal  CHARGE_IN_mC

To reset the "Kinematic Setting" counter (after moving radiator in/out)

caput hcRunSettingReconfigured 1

The counter will reset with the next run start.

Run Table

root -b -q scripts/make_jpsi_table.cxx

This table is automatically populated. If it isn't updating, please contact expert (whit@jlab.org).

To add a comment for a given run

add_run_comment -r 1234 -c "this run was junk" -u 

For detailed help, see add_run_comment -h

Look at the latest results

Connect to plot display server (only works from counting house computers)

  • The various plots are created when the full replay and counting scripts are finished.

If the http server stops, run

root -b -q online_monitor/monitor_display_server.cxx

Running the full replay

The full replay happens automatically. To see the currently replays in-progress:


Sometimes it crashes or you want to re-do it. If you do:

./bin/hc_coin_replay -r RUN_NUMBER -n -1 

Full replay web server

Running the Scandalizer

If the CSS alarm handler (modern-ish looking one) is not being populated. The scandalizer has crashed (due to a known bug). You can manually run it by

./online_bin/scandalizer -r $(latest_run -t coin) -n -1 -s $(latest_event_number)

To bring up the CSS alaram handler run



For analysis shift crew for J/ψ-007 is tasked to ensure the data for the experiment is good, and that the correct amount of data is collected. The regular shift crew is responsible only for the proper operation of the experiment and the proper functioning of the detectors (through the 50k replay).

Full replay scripts

Dealing with replay-level errors

Keep an eye on the scandalizer and CSS alarm handler. If you hear a robot voice, it is coming from this alarm handler.

Keep track of the number of good events/charge