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  • Table of Kaon LT Physics Status
Item Status Comment
Q2=3.0 W=2.32 x=0.40 theta_Shms=15.18 Completed
Q2=3.0 W=2.32 x=0.40 theta_Shms=18.18 Completed
Q2=3.0 W=2.32 x=0.40 theta_Shms=21.18 Completed Summary plot of all three settings
Q2=2.115 W=2.95 x=0.21 theta_Shms=7.74 To be done High SHMS singles rates. Need to look at tracking efficiency for run that was taken
Q2=2.115 W=2.95 x=0.21 theta_Shms=10.74 Finished Dummy (40min) Taking LH2 ( started on Wed. 3:30am Run 4914 Need about 1.2C to get 21K)
Q2=2.115 W=2.95 x=0.21 theta_Shms=13.74 Finished 1st pass, Took LH2 (1C, 21K events) and Dummy (1hr) Plos for all data Took about 13.5 hours to get 1C ( at 70uA and 50% eff would get 1.7C)T
  • Table of Kaon LT Commissioning Status.
Item Status Comment
Detector Checkout Completed
HMS Trigger PID Completed
SHMS Trigger PID Completed
BPM calibration check Not done Need to have 7A harp operational, during Friday down will be looked at
Beam energy measurement Not done
High and low current BCM calibration Completed low current up to 57uA Calibration plots
HMS/SHMS optics study Completed
HMS/SHMS single arm elastic Completed
HMS/SHMS coincidence ep elastic Completed 25K events ( wanted 50K)
Golden HMS/SHMS sieve run Completed Used to check the stability of beam positions at different energies
Luminosity scan Not done Need fairly stable 65uA