Logging into the Hall C cluster

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The Hall C DAQ and online analysis machines are now behind a 2-factor controlled gateway called hallgw.jlab.org.

You now need a 2-factor token in order to log in. If you do not have one, you can ask for one at the Help Desk.

There are two types of tokens: a physical 'CrypoCard' key fob device, and a software token + application (called MP-1) that can be installed on your smartphone.

How to use the 2-factor token to log in

The procedure to ssh into a Hall C machine inside the accelerator fence is now:

  • ssh <user>@hallgw.jlab.org
    • Use your CUE username at the prompt
    • Use the 2-factor token to generate your password as indicated below:
      • CryptoCard (the physical keychain-style token):
        • Press the button and it will display a number. Type in your PIN immediately followed by the digits on the Cryptocard as your password (no spaces, no dashes).
      • MP-1 Software token (ie. Android, iPhone, Blackberry):
        • Run the MP-1 app and enter your PIN when prompted. Enter only the displayed 7 digit number (including the '-') at the hallgw.jlab.org password prompt ie: 'XXX-XXXX'

Smartphone Applications