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Hall C Links

Hall C

Hall C is one of four experimental halls at JLab.

Hall C Computing.

Hall C in the Press.

Basic Equipment in Hall C


  • Guidance for decision on masking the FSD. Decision will be be made by the Hall Leader Steve Wood or, in his absence, Greg Smith.

HMS Detectors

SHMS Detectors

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Data Analysis

Online Replay

Data Acquisition

The Hall C data acquisition digitizes data from the drift chambers, hodoscopes, Cerenkov detectors and lead glass shower counters that are located in the HMS and SOS shield huts. This digitization is done with Lecroy fastbus modules located in 4 crates.

The ~2000 channels of drift chamber signals are discriminated and the times of hits on wires are recorded in fastbus crates located in each of the spectrometer huts. These times are digitized with Lecroy 1877 multihit TDC's with a resolution of 0.5ns.

Notes on the DAQ.


Hall C at 12 GeV