March 4, 2023

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RC Meeting Information

Current RC: Iuliia Skorodumina.

No RC meeting today.


Friday Day (03/03). Very little beam during this shift (just about an hour of total ABU) as MCC was working on addressing Hall A BLM issue. See PD update with the details of the work done ( Day Shift summary: .

Friday Swing (03/03). Not much beam this shift, too (about 2 hours of total ABU). MCC was trying to establish beam to both Halls A and C, but unfortunately, without much success ( At around 11pm the decision was made to stop trying for now and to let Halls B, C, and D to run overnight. In the morning it should be decided on the best way to proceed further. Swing Shift summary: .

Saturday Owl (03/04). We were taking production data until 2:30am, when we encountered an issue with SHMS Q3 interlock ( and The Magnet Expert was contacted and the issue was resolved by 5:30am ( Then, we were taking production data for the rest of the shift. Owl Shift summary: .

For the current setting (Pm=800 MeV/c), we have collected a total of 7483 mC integrated charge out of the planned 15696 mC, which corresponds to 48%.

Accelerator Status

The issue with Hall A BLM trips still persists. From the yesterday studies, the conclusion was made that the 4th pass separator is likely responsible for that ( Unfortunately, this is not an easy fix and the repair work will realistically take a day and a half. The repair is scheduled for next Tuesday (March 7). For the weekend, it was decided that Halls B, C, and D will be getting beam, while Hall A will wait until Tuesday's repair.

Current Run Plan

The plan is to continue taking production data for the Pm=800 MeV/c at the highest possible current.