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Commands to run the mc-reweight repository demonstration.

 sudo yum install tcsh
 git clone
 cd mc-reweight
 cd SRC/
 cd ../
 cd input/
 cd monte-carlo/
 ln -s ../../../mc_shms_single/worksim/kpp_shms_488.rzdat .
 ln -s ../../../mc_shms_single/worksim/kpp_shms_488.root .
 cd ../shms-data
 ln -s ../../../tutorial/rootfiles/shms_replay_488_500000.root .
 cd ../recon-mc
 ln -fs
 cd ../../
 tcsh ./ 488
 cat output/logs/488.log
 cd output/mc-ntuples/
 h2root mc488.rzdat
 cd ../../root/macros
 root -l mc_reweight.C
 ls -ltrh ../output
 root -l compPlots.C