Pol He-3 Analysis Resources

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A1n/d2n Analysis Logbooks

When a user clicks on one of the three logbooks, they will be prompted
for a "Login name:", "Full name:" and "Email:".  For the login name they
must put their JLab user name.  After hitting save, they will be
prompted to login.  Use the JLab user name and password here.
  • Contact Brad Ss or Steve W. if you have problems.

Hall C analyzer documentation (Pol 3He Specific)

  • Please feel welcome to use the Hall C Slack Channel if you have problems.

General Analysis / Farm Notes

  • Then move on to the Tuesday 'Hall C' sessions starting with the git howto:
    • Effective Git use (*) -- Steve Wood
    • Folks really do need to understand how to work with git. They should follow up on the tutorials/howtos Steve mentions in his talk before moving on.


The entries here should be reviewed and updated by the students!

Farm / Disk Resources

General info

  • unix group 'c-polhe3' -- general access control
    • If you can't access the Farm, or the disk space below, then email brads or saw to be added to the group!
  • Farm/Auger project: c-polhe3 -- run farm jobs using this Project

Disk Resources

  • /group/c-polhe3 directory (100GB quota)
  • /work/hallc/c-polhe3 directory (1 TB quota)
  • /volatile/hallc/c-polhe3 directory (2 TB quota, 1 TB guarantee)

Tape Stubs

  • /mss/hallc/c-polhe3/raw tape volume for raw CODA data -- this is where you will find the raw data files
  • /mss/hallc/c-polhe3/analysis tape volume for analysis output -- this is where you can store personal/analysis output