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=== Butterball ===
=== Butterball ===
=== Austin ===
=== Austin ===
* Installed in target: 03/20/2020 to prestent
* Characterization Document:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQmOB06NlCqg6RBw-Q0zGR_canaE0EONAPI37682YXJVKbOZkqjrHcoW9LNAX56rsScJbGQ0shAye3U/pubhtml?gid=1937992381&single=true
=== Big Brother ===
=== Big Brother ===
* Installed in target: 02/12/2020 to 03/13/2020
* Installed in target: 02/12/2020 to 03/13/2020

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Target Operator Instructions


Expert Information

Reference Cell

Cooling Jet Alignment

Alignment jigs and drawings are stored on the box labeled 'Averett 3He Reference Cell Pts'. And the box is on the floor underneath the Hall C counting house printer.

Pol He3 Field Mapping Data

Circular Raster Information

Reboot Switches

Reset Target Ladder Motion Control

Pol He-3 Target Motion Reset

Cable/RTD/Signal Maps

NOTE: If you update a map below
 Click on a the previous hclog entry and either add a comment 
 pointing to your new entry, or use the 'Follow-up' link on the
 old entry to make a new entry. That will make it easier to track
 when/why things change.

Fiber RTD hardware trip points

  • Fire Safety RTDs
    • HcFiberTemp0, HcFiberTemp1
    • max measured about 32C
    • set trip to 36C
  • Fiber Temperature RTDs
    • HcFiberTemp4+ (except for 12, 14 below)
    • Max measured of about 32C
    • set trip to 46C (as of Jan 14, 2020 -- will set to 36C during next downtime)
  • HcFiberTemp12, 14
    • Max measured of 40C
    • set trip to 46C
Reset instructions for RTD HW trip points • Expert only (Brad or Ethan) [click]
Address 0xF6
 FiberTemp0-1:  (and the unused 2, 3)
   Fire safety RTDs (max 36)
Address 0xF5
 * max 36
Address 0xF3
 * max 36
Address 0xF4
 * max 46 due to 12, 14
NOTE: power cycling the acromag controller below will trip the laser interlock!
  • Set the hardware trip limits
% ssh pi@polhe3pi2  ('hccuser' password)
% cd Documents
% scls  # select 'acromag' entry, then type Ctrl-C to kill the program
# Set the limits
% for f in 0xf3 0xf5 0xF6; do ./setupAcro -l 36 -a $f; done
% for f in 0xf4; do ./setupAcro -l 46 -a $f; done
# Reboot the acromag controller using hcreboot6
# Then restart the software by (for example) running bash again
% bash
  • Verify that the stripcharts are updating again and close the terminal window.

PolHe3 Alarm Handler defaults

These can be reset this way:

 % ssh cvxwrks@cdaql1
 % cd alarm_handler_polhe3
 % ./set_polhe3_defaults

Type in the number for the fields you wish to reset and hit return.

Production Target Cell Information

  • Any cells that are production ready need to be flagged as such
  • Any cells that have seen beam should be flagged with the date range







Big Brother

Additional Documentation

Target CAD Files/Photos