Pol He-3 Target Motion Reset

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To reset the hall C target motion, several devices need to be rebooted.

WARNING: After iochc26 boots up, the target will home itself, so you need to mask the FSD first!!

  1. First, use hcreboot5 to turn off the iochc26 VME crate and leave it off for now (outlet 2).
  2. Next, use hcreboot6 to reboot
    1. portservhc26 (outlet 1) and
    2. the VXM-1 Motor controller (outlet 2).
    3. Wait a couple minutes for the portserver to boot up.
  3. Finally, use hcreboot5 to turn iochc26 (outlet 2 again) back on. The IOC will take a few minutes to boot up completely.