Pol He3 Target Meeting May 11, 2020

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Members present: Jian-ping, Arun, Bill, Murchhana, Mingyu, Todd, Melanie, Junhao, Brad, Christopher



  • Working on the temperature test data and remaining AFP loss studies (it varies so much with changing conditions, there's still a lot of work to do)
    • Will present an update next week
  • We need to be able to remotely monitor the spectro-analyzer in the transverse direction, since it’s especially important for d2n. We already have a fiber for it and in the process of getting a quote for another spectro-analyzer


  • Emailed Chris regarding the uncertainties in the survey coordinates. He said the uncertainties for the points on the beamline (where the compass is located) is +/- 0.28 mm and +/- 0.5 mm for the mapper points


  • Currently holding onto new cells Butterball and Tommy for wall thickness measurements and some spectroscopy. Can do all of that before JLab is ready for the cells


  • Presented two methods used to determine statistical uncertainties on the frequency shifts in the EPR analyses
    • Method used in Xiaochao's thesis is the correct one, since the error shouldn't grow with the number of measurements performed
  • Will write a short simulation to replicate the data points as a brute-force method to extract the uncertainties as a cross-check, as per Brad's suggestion
  • The systematic uncertainties need to be studied carefully for cases where the field was unstable, the cell was pumping up, etc. like the case for Big Brother on 2/13 right after the cell-swap