Polarized He-3 Proposals

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E12-06-110 (A1n)

Measurement of the neutron spin asymmetry A1n in the valence quark region using a 11 GeV beam and a polarized 3He target in Hall C

  • E12-06-110 (A1n) proposal for PAC30 - detailed physics motivation and rates/uncertainties assuming the 6 GeV polarized 3He target performance
  • E12-06-110 (A1n) Update for PAC36 - in this update we used the stage-II target upgrade performance - approved for 36 PAC days
  • E12-06-110 (A1n) 2018 Update - in this update we summarize the rate and uncertainty estimation using the stage-I polarized 3He target and with the latest HMS and SHMS simulations, while keeping the total approved beam time (36 PAC days) unchanged. Some of the kinematic settings have been modified to reflect the latest status of the HMS or SHMS.

E12-06-121 (d2n-g2n)

E12-06-121A (Measurement of 3He Elastic Electromagnetic Form Factor Diffractive Minima Using Polarization Observables)