RC Meeting and Runplan, Tuesday, Oct 2

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  • Issues
    • cdaql3 hung for memory
    • Have 800-900kHz SHMS singles at 7.4deg. Is this ok for tracking efficiency?
    • How to divide the present kinematics between the three SHMS angles?
      • Any priority?
      • Is it ok to do an angle and then come back to it?
  • When SHMS below 10 deg that Dump Diffuser Ion chamber trips above 45uA. Daniel Moser working to write up procedure for the crew to adjust for changes in the Dump Diffuser.

  • Plans
    • Finish present kinematics by Friday morning 7am.
    • If present kinematics finished before Friday 7am.
      • energy measurement ( about 2hr)
      • luminosity scan (about 8hr)
      • 2nd BCM calibration (need to 70uA) (about 1hr).
    • Need to confirm RadCon for Friday 7am sweep.
    • Access will be 6-8 hours.
    • 3HC07A harp will be looked at during Friday access.