RC meeting and Run Plan, Saturday Oct. 13

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  • Beam quality
    • Bottom line: after BLM trip investigation, mostly great beam at 35uA, except for one 3h interruption around midnight
  • Progress
    • Taking data at current kinematic point (theta_Shms=6.49), up to 12% of data collected
      • This number will be changed, as the standard.kinematics file was never changed for the new kinematics point
      • All runs from 5078 on need to be re-analyzed

Issues: Resolved

  • Problems with hallc_replay:
    • Shift crew noticed replay scripts were missing, as were all other files in hallc_replay
    • I contacted Eric and Brad, and Brad found out it was caused by an erroneous "rm -r *" executed by someone
    • Brad restored a backup from 11pm yesterday, and we re-saved the kaon_lt CSV file

Issues: Requiring attention


  • During beam-tuning received strange SHMS HGC-related HV alarm.
    • Steve Wood told us this is related to a RadCon detector and should be masked in the alarm handler: not our problem
  • SHMS at small angle
    • (Might) need new limits on diffusor ion chamber if we run above >=50uA (Jay Benesh confirmed might be the case), more info here.
  • SHMS at small angle (part 2):
    • Be wary of DC trips!

Request (non-urgent)

  • RadCon wants to put a small detector in the SHMS hut during the next opportunity
    • Needs few hours, communicate with Brad when next opportunity arrises
  • Hall D needs opportunistic 1shift of HallC down for beam studies, not pressing right now (needs to be done before end-of-run)
    • Unlikely this will happen in the next week

Plans - Physics

  • Continue for 2 more shifts with Q2=3. W=3.14 x=0.25 theta_Shms=6.49
    • Will update new statistics projection based on the correct standard.kinematics file once all runs finish re-processing
  • Next setting (end of OWL/begin of DAY): Q2=5.5 W=3.02 x=0.4 theta_Shms=6.49
  • Prepare for 1-2 shifts of luminosity scan early next week
    • Proposed to Jay to do Monday and/or Tuesday SWING when we have experienced shift crew
    • Ryan agreed to be present as third (worker) to deal with the many changes during this study