Run plan/To do list - Sunday, December 17 2017 - swing shift

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By the grace of the Universe you already are at 30 deg and 1.3 GeV/c with HMS

1. Restore beam:

  a. With raster off insert YAG and check the beam spot. Should be nice and round - not at all like a comet! 
  b. With the beam at the optimal positions found before (check the white board) take a C-hole run with 3 x 3 raster to check the beam centering on the target. If it looks good move on. If not, center the beam.

2. Request Ion Chamber Calibrations for Optics targets 1 and 2

3. Take large Ytar and Xptar/Yptar HMS optics data

  a. Raster should be off and you should switch to sieve collimator for HMS
  b. Insert target Optics 1 and take 30 minutes runs at 10 muA with HMS Hodoscopes discriminator thresholds at: 30 mV, 20 mV, 40 mV and 50 mV. (Expert: Simona M.)
  c. Insert target Optics 2 and take 30 minutes runs at 10 muA with various thresholds for the CER and PRESHOWER PID legs of the trigger (Expert: Eric P.)