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  2. Do not rotate either SHMS or HMS if the HMS dipole current is above 2500 A
  3. The SHMS angle is currently 7.5 degrees. ONLY ROTATE TO LARGER ANGLES.
    1. Once we have rotated to larger angle, the minimum angle will be 10 degrees.
    2. Smaller SHMS angles will require an access and assistance from Steve Lassiter/Mike Fowler
  4. Nominal beam positions (for now): x=-1.0, y=-0.75 at IPM3H07C
  5. Be sure to fill out the beam time accounting - edit the form as necessary. The values "auto-filled" from EPICS are not always accurate.


  • Overview
 H(e,e') elastic in SHMS for various angles
 SHMS Angle and position optimization
  • H(e,e') SHMS/HMS singles elastics and 10cm Alum ( Ten minute runs for each target)
 Target=10 cm LH2, FR=3x3
 Theta= 7.5 deg. P_SHMS = -2.177 GeV/c at 1uA rates 40kHz
 Theta=10.0 deg. P_SHMS = -2.144 GeV/c at 1Ua rates 14 KHz
 Theta=15.0 deg. P_SHMS = -2.055 GeV/c and HMS at Theta=15.0 deg. P_HMS = -2.055 GeV/c at 1uA rates 3 kHz
 Theta=20.0 deg. P_SHMS = -1.944 GeV/c and HMS at Theta=20.0 deg. P_HMS = -1.944 GeV/c at 1uA rates 700 Hz
 Theta=25.0 deg. P_SHMS = -1.818 GeV/c and HMS at Theta=25.0 deg. P_HMS = -1.818 GeV/c at 1uA rates  250 Hz
 Take data 1 hours runs at ~5 uA (maximum current that is easily achievable) in SHMS and HMS for:
 1. Target = Optics 1, Collimators = sieve/sieve
 2. Target = Optics 2, Collimators = sieve/sieve