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  • Version control of SIMC has moved from CVS to git. is used to store the code. (Useful git instructions/howto.)
    • To checkout and contribute using github:
      • Create an account on and following the directions for storing your public ssh key on the site.
      • Once you have signed into github then go to
        • Select Watch to be notified of changes to simc_gfortran repo and the click on the Fork button to create your own Github copy of the repo.
      • On the computer that you want to run the code type: git clone where Githib-Username is your github username.
      • Now "origin" remote is to your personal Github repository. After cloning you will be in the "master" branch. Make your local changes and commit them to your local copy. You can update the github repository by command: git push origin master . If you want to have these changes incorporated into the JeffersonLab repository then go to your github account Githib-Username/simc_gfortran and click on the pull request button. This will notify the person monitoring the JeffersonLab repository and your changes can be pulled in.
      • To have access to the changes in the JeffersonLab GutHub repository, in your newly created simc_gfortran directory
        • One time need to execute the command: git remote add upstream
        • The command git fetch upstream will fetch any new changes from the original repository
        • The command git merge upstream/master will merge any changes fetched into your working files
    • The CTP library is now included as a SIMC subdirectory
    • The input files included with simc_gfortran have NOT been updated to work with the new code. Basically in the name of a variable the "." needs to be replaced by a "%" for gfortran. To convert your input files use the script ( in the infiles subdirectory) : oldfile
  • simc_grfortan Git repo on the web.
  • History of SIMC ( starting in June 2011).
  • Documentation
    • Primer on SIMC. Section 2 on "Getting SIMC" is not valid any longer.
    • Directory with SIMC documentation.
    • Paper by Bradley Filippone,Rolf Ent,Naomi Makins,Richard Milner on radiative corrections for (e,ep) reactions.
    • Talk given by John Arrington at a 2001 Hall A meeting.
  • Directory that archives previous versions of SIMC.
  • Single arm Monte Carlo for SHMS.
  • Page for the SHMS MC Working Group