Shutting off HMS LCW

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HMS LCW shut-off procedure

  • Monitor the small HMS LCW leak on the hall cameras. If the leak becomes significantly larger, we need to shut off the HMS LCW valves quickly.
  • Call MCC and tell them you need an escorted access - and you need access urgently (losing too much LCW could impact ESR operations).
  • Ask the target operator to start ramping down the HMS magnets
  • While waiting for the ARM to escort you into the hall, call the Spectrometer on Call number (593-7890) and tell them you are about to shut off LCW to the HMS and that they should drain the water cooled current leads.
  • In the hall:

Locate the target gas panel

Gas Panel

Go behind the gas panel

Behind Gas Panel

Find the LCW flow panel


Shut off the HMS supply (top) and return (bottom)