Spring 2018 Commissioning

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Topics which are relevant to the DAQ/Trigger for the Spring 2018 commissioning run are discussed here.


  • High Priority
    • Configure Dave G. Dead time measurement scheme (Arrington’s and/or Morhings thesis)
    • Configure NGC into SHMS PID trigger leg in place of HGC
    • Sanity check SHMS hodoscope CAMAC power supply (noticed unstable behavior during end of fall run)
    • Add SHMS PRSHWRSUM in trigger apparatus (FADC leaf)
    • Remove layer B from HMS pre-shower sum
  • Medium Priority
    • Figure out DAC to mV conversion factor, find old talk regarding setting the DAC values to obtain pedestals a pre-determined value
    • Include multi-hit capability in the trigger apparatus for reference times
    • Integrate TI scalers into report files
    • Configure OR of hodoscope trigger logic into TDC’s and scalers
    • Change trigger leaf names to PRLO from PRSHWRLO etc. (needs to match xscaler)
  • Low Priority
    • Add number of FADC error flags to the report files (front and center)
    • Add number of pulses identified in the window to data tree

DAQ/Trigger Run Plans

  • SHMS & HMS Mode 10 runs

  • Single arm EDTM runs at various rates

  • Coincidence EDTM runs at various rates

  • SHMS PID threshold scan with NGC in trigger (HGC was previously utilized)

  • Single arm SHMS & HMS runs with EL-REAL and EL-CLEAN being readout (need to time these in at the TI front panel)

  • Trigger PID threshold scans


Log Book Entries