TOSCA simulation for Pol He3 Field

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By Jixie Zhang, Sep 9th,2020

The TOSCA simulation geometry files were prepared by Steven Lassiter. 
The simulation were performed by both Steven and Jixie.
In D2N, the target base was not rotated. The axis of horizontal large coils (HL) is along Lab X axis.
The axis of horizontal small coils (HS) is along Lab Z axis.
In A1N, the target base was rotated clockwise (top view) about Y axis by 45 degrees.
Please keep in mind that the coordinate system in the TOSCA simulation is defined in this way:
X axis goes to beam right, y axis goes up, Z axis goes to upstream.
We have rotated the output about Y axis by 180 degrees to make it in the Lab frame.

The rotated TOSCA field maps for each single set of coils are stored in group dir:

Jixie provides python code to combine these 6 rotated individual maps (HB, HL, HS, VL, VS, HLCC and HSCC)
into one map with each map scaled to the provided current.