VCS batch replay Instructions

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VCS alphaE experiment batch replay instructions:

Hcana is installed on /group/alphaE/analysis_apps/hcana . The replay code is located in the /group/alphaE/analysis_apps/hallc_replay_vcs directory. DBASE and PARAM files are located in the /group/alphaE/analysis_apps/vcs_DB directory. The DBASE is symbolically linked to /group/alphaE/analysis_apps/hallc_replay_vcs/DBASE and PARAM is symbolically linked to /group/alphaE/analysis_apps/PARAM. To run the full replay code simply execute run_full_replay.csh: ./run_full_replay.csh .

For batch replays use the scripts that are located in /group/alphaE/analysis_apps/hallc_replay_vcs/batch_runreplay/ directory. First, add the list of run numbers that you would like to replay to the replay.runlist. Then execute run_batch_FullReplay code by doing: ./ This will generate a job for each replay and run the replay code on the ifarm. The output root files are currently only saved to /volatile/hallc/alphaE/ROOTFiles_vcs/ .I have tested it for two runs and it worked but if you come up with any issues please let me know.

Hamza Atac,