Video Screens Recovery

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Some or all of the screens on the wall are blank and you want to fix it ?

Quick recovery instructions.
There are two PCs involved: cvideo2 and cvideo3
PCs are located in the cabinets under the HCDESK3 monitor, see yellow sign
First thing to do is unplug/plug the HDMI cables to improve connector seating
Cables are plugged into the back of the PC
Next thing to try is to power cycle the PC
When PC revives, log in as the cvideo account
Passwords are usually on the wall behind the HCDESK1 PC
Once logged in, your main tools are the go commands and jmenu
Type go_ and tab and you'll get a list of possible commands.
go_xscaler_hms go_xscaler_shms go_checklist_stripchart go_cameras
and some others
jmenu: Operations --> Wall menu --> Accel Status
Other jmenu items:  see the shift checklist How-To to pick some others
like maybe the hall C raster (jmenu --> search raster, etc)