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Meeting Information


System Owners



Questions to be Addressed

  • HMS & SHMS Drift Chambers
    • Can we acquire tracks from the cosmic data yet?
  • NGC
    • Are the HV signal cables hooked up?

General Questions to be Addressed by individual Groups

  1. What is the current status on the Hardware?
    • Identify any remaining bad detectors/channels. (Show a quick slide that indicates status?)
    • Are there plans to repair them prior to the KPP run, or after KPP?)
  1. What is the status of the Software associated with your detector?
    • Have you successfully run the analyzer and been able to identify signals for your detector?
    • Have the HV <-> ADC <-> TDC channel mappings all been verified to be correct?
    • Have any relevant survey/position information been updated your detector's PARAM files?
    • Have all calibration constants been updated in the PARAM files (ie. gains, time offsets, etc...)?
    • If beam is needed to finalize these params, is the software chain ready to go to generate them quickly?
  1. Can you think of anything else that needs to be completed before we take beam?
    • Missing software you need?
    • Missing survey/position information to complete the PARAM files?